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Meet the Team

Steve Young

Implementation Coach

Steve is one of the specialist Workshop Presenters for the Barnsley Net Zero Accelerator.  He delivers “The Customer-led green innovation process… how to have the innovation conversation with your key customers.

Steve works with ambitious business leaders across the UK to unlock their true high growth potential through driving breakthrough innovations. As well as working with hundreds of entrepreneurs and small businesses, he has also helped reinvent bus travel with Arriva, helped Capita to the realization of a “city based” job generation model and worked with Google to create fresh routes to the small business market space.

For our programme he focusses upon helping participants to leverage their emission reductions and use this as a catalyst for their business’s growth.  Through powerful and practical techniques, he’ll walk you through the “Green Growth” Innovation Conversation you should have with your key customers.  You’ll learn how to encourage them to express their challenges and frustrations in a way that presents you with clear market opportunities. He’ll also take your through the key innovation questions you need to explore with your customers to co-create new emission reduction-led opportunities.

Steve’s presentations are a unique mix of story-telling, movie clips, wisdom, common sense plus practical templated techniques. Like all great innovators, he takes two things that already exist… emissions reduction and business growth… and puts them together in a new way that sparks fresh ideas and inspires action.