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We're Growing The Village - see our new development

Looking for a special office location to help your Business Bounce Back?

The Business Village has been a successful and innovative business centre in Barnsley for more than 30 years. During the last few years, we’ve been so successful that we had started to run out of space! So, to give you more of what you love, we began work on Growing The Village.

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Events at the Business Village

There’s always something going on here at The Business Village. Events range from networking and information meetings in conjunction with our tenant businesses, to specialist workshops and seminars via our many partners across the area and connected city regions.

BR Chamber: Speed Networking (online)



Meeting new people and building relationships is a sure-fire way of ensuring that your business will continue to grow.
You will have the opportunity to introduce yourself to every other guest. You will be able to explain how you can help your potential customer and to explain what makes you “stand out from the crowd”.

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ScaleUp 360: Process Improvement: Resetting the Operations with Brook Corporate Development



We will start with looking at why companies need to strive to implement best practice and aim for world class performance, and why post-covid recovery gives you the ideal opportunity to implement best practice and “re-set the operations”.

We will then go into
• Preparing for a post-covid paradigm
• Voice of the Customer – Kano
• Definitions of waste/non value added activity
• Overview of lean tools and techniques
and much more….

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ScaleUp 360: The Importance of Leadership with Brook Corporate Developments



Our aim – To build confidence in themselves and their own development: how they can implement a range of leadership styles and select appropriate action as a leader/manager that drives business results

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How we’re dealing with the COVID-19 crisis