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Implementation Coach

Sam is one of the implementation coaches for the Barnsley Net Zero Accelerator, currently working with 3 businesses at the start of their journey to Net Zero. She also delivers the peer-to-peer session that is part of the programme, facilitating a round table discussion of the key challenges facing the participating businesses.

Outside of the programme, on a day-to-day basis, Sam works with local SMEs as an outsourced recruitment specialist, helping them be more sustainable from a people perspective, partnering local candidates with local roles, ensuring that the organisation’s and the candidate’s ‘why’ align. As a coach facilitator with The Alternative Board, she also facilitates a monthly peer board meeting of local business owners too, where month by month the businesses challenge and support each other in a group setting, developing their businesses month by month.

For our programme, she focusses on helping participants achieve their key outcomes by keeping you on track and by providing support where needed as your implementation coach.