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Meet the Team

Nicola Penfold

Implementation Coach

Nicola is working with the project management team to support delivery and report on progress to our funders. She will also be collating examples of good news stories and any challenges faced which required us to adapt to meet the needs of participating companies.

Nicola worked as an International Trade Adviser and Head of Technology on Newable’s Department for International Trade programme for 14 years. Specialising in technology exports to N America and SE Asia Nicola’s clients were primarily embedded software and hardware companies interested in direct sales, licensing and JVs.

Nicola particularly enjoys working with innovative, disruptive companies and after completing her exams with WIPO became resident go to person for Intellectual Property management. She had been an Ambassador to the EU IPR Helpdesk since 2009.

With a degree in Environmental Science Nicola has always had an interest in the environment and is really pleased to combine this with working with innovative, forward thinking companies in Barnsley.