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Professional office furniture to suit your business needs…

Whether you’ve just moved in to The Business Village, looking to reconfigure your current desk layouts or considering a total revamp with a full office refit, we’d love to help out!

You’ll need to think about many things, including working relationships with others and personal well-being right up there at the top of your list.

We can help with all of that to help you work smarter, not harder!

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Installation service

We have access to teams of installation specialists who will deliver and install your furniture and seating, they’ll unwrap products, assemble, put into place and remove all packaging before getting your customer satisfaction sign off. We have a complete logistical solution for every aspect of your ‘office fit-out’ project.

Pre-build service

Our swivel chairs arrive flat packed and ready for minimal assembly. If you prefer we can pre-assemble the chair and then conduct a final quality assurance check, and delivered ready for use.

Sample service

Often with a high value or large quantity enquiry a ‘test drive’ is required to assess suitability. We’re able to provide a new product that meets your exact criteria for you to literally “test drive”.

Bespoke upholstery

Our upholstery studio utilises the skills of machinists and upholsterers to create exciting bespoke covered versions of the outstanding seating and screen products we produce. It gives you access to hundreds of different shades, weaves and fabric types. Many end-users now specify non-standard fabric options to reflect company branding, denote different work areas within an organisation or just out of a personal preference to express themselves and upgrade. Our fabric options are available for a quick turnaround and elevate our products to an even higher status with a more distinctive look and feel.

Design and showroom suite.

We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate the quality of our products and very shortly we’ll be opening our very own showroom on site here at The Business Village. Watch this space or contact Kevin Steel to find out more…

CAD services

We’re able to create 3D office environments and CAD block designs in furniture and seating for you.

2d or 3d renders help to achieve a visual representation of your proposed space. The first step of this process is to take accurate measurements, once generated various ‘mock up’ options can be manipulated for your approval.


Tech Sheets

Our specification sheets provide you with detailed information on features, dimensions and images to help you understand every facet of the product you are considering. These can be quickly downloaded and used for a variety of communication and marketing purposes.

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