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Meet the Team

Lisa Lister

Implementation Coach

Lisa is one of the Implementation Coaches for the Barnsley Net Zero Accelerator. Her role is to help you assimilate all the learnings you receive through the seminars and peer groups and apply these in the most effective way in your business.

For almost twenty years Lisa has been working with business leaders to help these companies grow and thrive. She works with SMEs across all sectors including manufacturing and engineering and service sectors. Lisa’s passion is helping business leaders create clear, pragmatic plans to affect change. She specialises in sales, marketing and workplace culture.

For our programme she will help you overcome barriers and obstacles as well as cascade effective messaging within your company so that all your employees, at every level, understand the part they play in reducing your carbon footprint. She will also help you communicate the positive story of your journey towards net-zero to your suppliers and customers so that they want to be aligned with your company. Leveraging your good work will ultimately lead to growth and elevate your brand and reputation in your sector.

Lisa’s approach is supportive and practical and always delivered with a dose of good humour. She is knowledgeable and enthusiastic and is committed to achieving ambitious and successful outcomes for every business she works with.