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Meet the Team

John McSweeney

Implementation Coach

John is one of the Implementation Coaches engaged on the Barnsley Net Zero Accelerator Programme to work with businesses, individually, looking to take advantage of the fantastic range of assistance available through the programme. A specialist in change management and innovation, John looks to provide the type of holistic support business leaders need as they face the challenges either starting or progressing their net zero journey. The support is designed and delivered to assist them in the identification of clear actions they will need to take and strategies they will need to implement on the pathway to achieving their net zero objectives.

John is a seasoned coach, consultant and adviser who has worked successfully in all those capacities with considerable number of organisations, predominantly SME’s, over the last 20 years since selling his own textile manufacturing business and moving into the world of business support. Operating across all sectors, delivering manufacturing excellence, developing innovation, embedding technology and strategic growth planning are all key areas of focus, and he is always driven by the clear purpose of helping the client to achieve their desired outcome against a given objective.

John has a natural ability to forge strong working relationships with clients based on trust, mutual respect, and the capacity to listen carefully and understand the issues they face. This is instinctively driven through being able to draw on real-life experience of running a business, extensive commercial knowledge acquired from many years of learning and good old common sense and honesty.