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Meet the Team

Anthony Godwin

Implementation Coach

Godwin is a resourceful focused Business Performance Coach, DISC Master Trainer, NLP Practitioner and Timeline/Hypnotherapist. Godwin’s proactive and enthusiastic ‘can do’ attitude energises stakeholders and teams at all levels. He inspires confidence to foster a high-performing and collaborative team environment. He is meticulous in his attentional to detail, pragmatic and adept at understanding people and business needs, developing strategies that influence decision-making and structuring to suit business needs.

With the use of the unique DISC behavioural analysis and profiling tools, Godwin helps leaders overcome their blind spot, using a psychological approach to understanding their teams, resulting in the organisation’s overall productivity and performance.

Godwin provides useful tools to improve your skills as a leader. Fortunately, leadership styles are not set in stone, but are adaptable to situations, various environments, change over time, and are affected by nature.

As an implementation coach Godwin will be able to help and support business leaders and individuals to maximise and unlock their potential with clarity, effective action strategy, influencing decision- making and implement structure along with best practice to formalise robust solutions through consistent workflow efficiency improvement.

With over 15 years of experience in people management. Specialising in, developing a high performance culture, leading and building a winning team, Business Growth Strategy and Change Management.

One of the main challenges many executives and leaders face is not feeling like they can discuss their challenges with anyone within their organisation and this is where I can help you gain clarity and confidence to move forward.