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From Facebook to LinkedIn – 7 steps to social media success

Oct 4 @ 8:15 am - 10:15 am

From sole traders to large international corporations, everyone seems to be jumping on the social media band wagon to promote their business.

But is it really as simple as opening and account and starting to post. Yes, but only if you don’t want your business to stand out from the crowd. Pamela Hopkinson from Social Media Solutions (UK) Limited will take us through the 7 steps to ensure that you are prepared to get your brand noticed for all the right reasons and cover some top tips on ensuring you don’t find yourself spending hours on social media without getting results.  In this bite sized taster session, Pamela will be covering:

  • Audience

Key to social media success is knowing and understanding your audience. Pam will help you understand how to find them and ensure you are on the right social media platform for your business.

  •  Profile

Attention spans are consistently decreasing, so ensure that your next potential client can easily contact and engage with you is key to your social media focus for your business.

  •  Brand

A strong and consistent brand is key to ensuring your social media maximises its place within your marketing collateral. Pam will help ensure that your brand speaks for your business.

  •  Value

Do you understand what is important to your clients and business and how to communicate these through your digital marketing. We’ll look at the importance of your values and how to ensure they are represented across your businesses social media activity.

  •  Tone

70% of your communication skills are lost when we are not in front of someone, so if you are looking at using text and not just video in your social media activity you need to consider how to pitch perfect in the tone you use.

  •  Strategy

Social media is FREE…..right? Wrong, at the end of the day although the platforms are free to use, your time or that of the individual tasked with your social media is not and this means that ensuring you are getting the right results from social media is key when making sure that it is cost effective for you and your business.

  •  Content

Knowing what to say, how and when is key to ensure that your social media profile is not just a timeline of “Buy from Us” posts, but how to strike the right balance.

We’ll have our usual selection of refreshments including bacon and sausage sandwiches to help ease you into the weekend and there’ll be plenty of opportunity to network with fellow Business Village residents and visitors from the wider Barnsley business community.

Doors open at 08.15 for informal networking and refreshments and presentation to start at 08.30.