Posted on 30/06/21

New to The Business Village Community  – Zoe Wadsworth, owner of Fab Events! 

Fab Events & Marketing Strategy provide their customers with more time, clarity, and direction in their business. They believe marketing and events do not need to be stressful in the workplace but a fun activity for you or your team to carry out and make an impact; whilst receiving the best return on investment.

The Fab Team offer this support in four ways from remote support and online courses, to 1:1 and group strategy to full event management if required and also support the wedding community too; due to the lack of support available during the pandemic. Their aim is to help and support small to medium businesses by becoming your cheerleader by making marketing and events fun and simple to follow in the workplace.

As many businesses know they want more from their events or marketing strategy, but often they aren’t sure about which direction to go and cannot visualise beyond the tasks at hand – this is where fab can step in to help, with 15 plus years of experience they can help you visualise and position yourself in the marketplace!!

Find out more about Zoe and Fab by clicking the image below and contact her here for additional information…