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Month: November 2018

Corporate Social Responsibility – is it possible for SMEs?

During a discussion with one of our Business Village tenants recently, we asked why they had chosen the bank they held their personal account with. “Their ethical policy,” was the immediate answer.  Why then, had they chosen a different bank for their business account? “Free banking! I needed that extra bit of help when starting […]
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Blogging for Business – Yes you should!

The aim for all businesses with a website is to rank highly on Google – preferably reaching the dizzying heights of page one!  SEO, metadata and a well-designed website will help, but having a site that’s regularly updated is one of the key things to aim for. 
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Exercise, it’s not just a physical thing!

When we think about exercising, we are guilty of just focusing on the physical side - creating a more attractive physique, lowering blood pressure and a healthier heart.
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I need staff…. what do I do now?

At last week's First Friday networker at The Business Village, Kat Derbyshire from Barnsley based Black Kat HR gave us a brief but highly informative taster on the subject of personal growth and well-being of employees within the workplace. Get her presentation here!
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